Media Publish is a small business company, specializing in design and development of information systems. It was founded in 2004 and finds itself now as internet publishing agency. The most developed services of Media Publish are: Web design and development including cross-browsers and cross-devices support; Please look at some graphic design examples. Business processes automation. Authorial tool: TeamTime BPM; Technical and information support of IT projects. Associated services are: Copyrighting, literary processing; Audio and Video processing; Publishing business.
Individual Entrepreneur Gavrilyuk Anton Nikolaevich. Certificate series 12 № 000456865 issued by Tax Inspection of Yoshkar-Ola, Mari Republic, 28.04.2004. Еmail:
Our top clients:
Telecommunication Service and Development For children and youth
Payment rules and business formalities:
Payments by Bank transfer – for juridical persons
Payments by Qiwi transfer – for phisical persons
Memory map presentation for Mari State University created by Media Publish
Palace of creativity of children and youth
SPO Voskresenie project for Mari State University